Microsoft Whiteboard makes it easy to share ideas and collaborate with everyone in the same Microsoft Teams meeting.  


Here are some of the key benefits of using Whiteboard in Teams:

  • Bring teams together in one inclusive space for co-creation: You can now create a new whiteboard or open up an existing one directly in a Teams meeting. There's no need to switch between apps or share your screen.
  • Real time collaboration across all devices: Everyone in the meeting can view and edit the board simultaneously across any device, allowing them to bring new ideas and co-create together.
  • Re-use an existing Whiteboard across multiple meetings: Users can choose an existing whiteboard to share in a Teams meeting. This allows you to prepare a whiteboard ahead of time or continue working iteratively on a project.

Share / create a whiteboard in a meeting

You can share a new/existing whiteboard with all participants in a Teams meeting. That same whiteboard is available across all devices. 

You can also choose an existing whiteboard to share in a Teams meeting. This makes it easy to prepare a whiteboard ahead of time or continue working on a project outside of Teams.

To share a whiteboard in a Teams meeting:

  1. Select the Share icon in the meeting's share tray.


  2. Select Microsoft Whiteboard.

  3. The board picker view will open. Select an existing board from the list or start a new board.


    If a whiteboard is already associated with the meeting, Teams will share that board by default. You can choose a different board to share by navigating to the Home icon in the top left.


Add text in Whiteboard

  • Select the Create button in the toolbar, then select Add text.


  • Click on the canvas to add a text box. 

  • You can also choose a specific area of the canvas, press and hold (on touch devices) or right-click to open the Context menu, and then select Text.


To edit, copy, or delete existing text

  • Select the text box and then select the Edit text (pencil) button.


  • Select the Text color picker button (circle) to choose a new text color. The font cannot be changed.

  • Select the Delete(del) button (trash can) to delete the text box.

  • Select the Copy button (double square) to copy the text. Press and hold (on touch devices) or right-click on the canvas to open the Context menu, and then select Copy.

Open the Create box to access the following features:

  • Add notes and note grids
  • Draw and ink
  • Ruler and shapes
  • Reactions
  • Insert pictures and documents
  • Insert templates