First, you will need to know the full path of the folder or file you need access to.

To find the full path, follow the instructions below.

  1. Right click on the Start button located on the far left of your task bar.

  2. Click on File Explorer from the menu (see below for screen shot).

  3. Click on the arrow to the left of the DES folder and this will expand to show you the folders underneath the DES folder.

  4. Click on the program folder you need access to (e.g. CPRM, Finance). If you need access to a folder that lives inside another folder, go all the way down to the folder you need access to and then follow the steps below.

  5. In the Address Bar (see screenshot below), insert the cursor at the end of the text and highlight the entire line of text. This is the full path to the folder you are requesting access to. Copy the text into the request you are submitting to the helpdesk.

Requesting File/Folder Access

  1. Once you have copied the full path (from the instructions above), send an email to or click the Submit a Request link at the top of this page. Include the full path you copied into the ticket.

  2. Include the name of your Supervisor/Manager in the request as well.