Milestones Microsoft Teams provides task tracking / project management, used to organize work assignments into milestones. Milestones is a tool for tracking a project's progress and providing checkpoints on the journey to achieve a project’s goal. Milestones are specific events in a project’s life cycle.

Benefits of using the Milestones:

  • Managers can easily set up projects, and work items
  • Assign work items to employees
  • Classify work items by milestones
  • Configure work item categories, priorities, and status options


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Installing Milestones

Milestones interface

Create a new project

Adding a theme to your project

Add work items to a project

Edit an existing project

Work with category, priority, and status

Delete an existing project


Installing Milestones

  1. In your team channel, select Add a tab +.


  1. In the Add a tab dialog box, choose Milestones.


  1. Click Save.


  1. The Milestones app will begin install.


  1. Click Allow.


  1. Click Close.

You will receive an email stating the Milestones app is ready to use within the team channel the app was added to:



Milestones interface

The Milestones app gives you easy access to your projects, work items, activities, and project milestones.


  1. Search for projects - search for projects to display in the list on the left pane inside the app.
  2. Select theme - allows managers to select a theme or add a custom header image/color.
  3. Customize - shows additional information about the app.
  4. App settings - provides access for managers to change app settings, such as update project category, priority, and status.
  5. New project - create a new project.
  6. Sort projects - sorts the list of projects in ascending, or descending order based on project start date.
  7. View team status of work items by owner - color coded counts display the number of work items by milestones. Select the drop down to toggle to user summary view, showing work items by user.
  8. Projects list - shows all projects, or the results of the search term entered in the find projects search box. Overdue work item count is displayed if the project has any overdue work items.
  9. Project work items - create, read, update, and delete work items associated with the project.
  10. Project properties - update project properties, such as modifying or deleting projects or updating milestones and team members associated with the project.


Create a new project

  1. Open the Milestones app.
  2. Select New Project from the left pane.


  1. Enter Name.
  2. Enter milestones as required.
    To add additional milestones, select Add a milestone.


  1. Select Next.
  2. Add team members to the project.
  3. Select Create to create the project.



Adding a theme to your project

Once your project is created, select the image button to select an existing image, choose a color, or upload a custom image as the project theme.



Add work items to a project

  1. Open the Milestones app.
  2. Select a project from the left pane.
  3. Select New work item.



  1. Add the work item details: Name, Description, values for Assigned to, Milestone, Status, Category, Priority, and Target date.
  2. Select Create.



Edit an existing project

  1. Open Milestones app.
  2. Select a project from the left pane.
  3. Select the Click to Customize button.
  4. Update project details.
  5. Select Save.



Work with category, priority, and status

You can change the options and color coding for options used for priority, status, and category.

  1. Open Milestones app.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. In the Global settings area, select the color for the option you want to change to select a new color.



    • To rename, select the name of the category, priority, or status that you wish to change, and enter a new name.
    • To add, select Add next to the category, priority, or status. And then, select the color, and enter the name.
    • To delete:
      • Select the field.
      • Select Delete.
      • Select I understand checkbox.
      • Select Delete to permanently delete the selection.
  1. When finished, select Save to save your changes.

Delete an existing project

  1. Open Milestones app.
  2. Select Click to customize button.
  3. Select the project that you want to delete from the list of projects on the left pane.
  4. Select Delete project.



  1. Select I understand checkbox.
  2. Select Delete to permanently delete the project.