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1. Remove the word "unlimited" from ILT Course registration page: https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/remove-unlimited-from-ilt-course-registration-page

 2. Registration Functionality - LMS allows learners to register for multiple offerings (ILT Classes) of the same ILT Course, even when class dates are in the future and have not yet occurred. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/do-not-allow-learners-to-register-for-multiple-offerings-of-the-same-ilt-course

 3. Audience creation field - The field used to create audiences with position numbers is only 20 characters long, would like to increase the size of this field. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/increase-size-of-the-audience-creation-field

 4. Audience Functionality – Would like to see audiences improved functionality around “Start Date”.  It’s the with the state in general and not the “start date” with that agency or a specific role in an agency, or separate administration within the organization. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/increase-start-date-audience-options

 5. Authorized view end-users - When supporting managers/supervisors with learning requests, because they can view all domain users it would be nice if on learning requests if they could filter by “organization” and not just domain. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/filter-by-organization-not-just-domain

 6. Scheduled Reports - when an admin schedules a report the other admins in that agency can’t see that scheduled report.  https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/visibility-of-scheduled-reports

 7. Expand Audience Rule Options- would like to see more rule options in the audience that can be used to narrow down groups.  There is “they have not yet completed” and it would be good to have “they have not yet been assigned” More robust rules in audiences.  If it’s data in the profile it would be great if it was included in audience rules so the whole profile could be used to create audiences. Would also like a rule that is “user does not have a registered status for activities and use that for reporting. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/expand-audience-rule-options

8. Enhance organization data to support internal transfers - Keep things updated with organization data.  It would be great if there is a way to automate the process or tell what is correct about HRMS data.  They can ID people who didn’t get an organization, but there is no way to ID people who had an ORG change, as DNR frequently changes their agency ORGs which result in learners being added to the wrong ORG.  DOC also faces issues with frequently changing ORGS. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/internal-transfer-support

9. Audience – would like a rule that is “user does not have a Registered status” and use that for reporting. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/expand-audience-rule-options

10. Assignments – Create an assignment option to assign multiple courses at one time. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/multiple-course-assignments

 11. Emulation Mode – Request to view manager dashboard from emulation. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/emulate-manager

 12. Editing News Widget – Is there a way to create a fillable form to make it easier for less technical individuals to update?  Currently one must know HTML. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/news-widget-add-build-in-news-editior

 13. Reoccurring Training Assignments. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/reoccurring-training-assignments

 14. Change the warning message for learning activities - when learners register for a learning activity that requires approval, they get this warning message (screen shot below) which is very confusing and implies they need to act. Can the message be plain-talked, to reduce customer confusion? For example: Your request is pending approval or in a waiting list. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/add-ability-to-customer-warning-messages

 15. Add Notes to form-based approval workflows the approver(s) see and can enter information into Notes, but the learner doesn't have this option, and it's not an option of a field to add when building the form-based approval workflow. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/add-notes-to-form-based-approval-workflows

 16. Audience - When setting up audiences to ID people who haven’t taken e.g. Violence in Workplace class if the course/class is DES domain is not available to agencies when setting up the audience so they can’t identify if someone took the class, even if it was set up in the agency’s domain.  If they are trying to set up the audience looking at the Course which is in the DES domain it’s not available in the agency’s list to see if people have taken that course to set up audience.  It would be great if they can pull those into audience parameter. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/audiences-that-could-include-higher-domains-completions

 17. Diploma Customization - Allow administrators to develop certificate templates in the same way we can develop dashboards. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/diploma-customization

 18. Instructor Tracking -We certify that instructors are prepared to teach specific classes such as Motorboat Operator (First Aid for DOC) Training.  Part of their certification is conducting at least two classes every three years.  At present, we can track when someone takes the instructor certification course, but don't know how we can track the "must teach at least two classes every three years" as well. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/instructor-tracking

19. Add Deep Link for Pending Approval Notifications – create a deep link placeholder in the learning activity Pending Approval Request. https://community.sumtotalsystems.com/idea/add-deep-link-to-pending-approval-notifications


  • This process is based on the numbers. The more popular a topic is the more attention it will receive from SumTotal.
  • Please only vote for topics gathered and submitted by the Enterprise. These topics were collected and voted on in our Governance groups with considerations for impacts the Enterprise environment.
  • Please only vote if you can vote in-favor of these submissions. Negative feedback will only delay our efforts to improve the system.

If you have additional feedback or submission ideas, please submit a ticket to: DESITSupport4U@des.wa.gov