How to Link to Outside Training Content such as a You Tube Video or Document

Note:  This example is specifically for linking to You Tube Content

  1. Click on Learning Activities

  2. Click on New Activity

  3. Select Documentmceclip0.png

  4. Enter the Name

  5. Verify you are in the proper Domain

  6. Select Document for the Activity Type

  7. Input the Code

  8. Click on Optional

  9. Navigate to Configure general properties for your activity Status

  10. Check (these are recommendations, you may make different choices)
    • Active
    • No registration required
    • Can be copied
    • Active under Status

  11. Click OK

  12. Navigate to Web Based Training --> General
    • Make the Launch Method Generic Document (which will ask learners to verify they completed the activity) or Knowledge Document (which will NOT ask learners to verify they completed the activity.
    • Input the Launch URL
    • Click Test to test it

  13. Click OK

  14. Navigate to Registration Availability
    • Check Open for registration
    • Check Allow one click registration

  15. Click OK

From here you would want to make appropriate choices on other Optional menus like Registration Audience, Management Audience, Notifications, etc.  Remember to Validate for Production and Move to Production when ready.