Learning Activity – Instructor-led Class

Instructor-led Training (ILT) Courses/Classes are the vehicle to set up training where an instructor interacts with learners.  Often this training takes place in person, but it could also take place online via a virtual meeting room.

The ILT class activity type is one half of the equation.  You use ILT classes or sessions to offer the same training at different times, dates, and/or across multiple locations with different instructors.  The ILT activity structure in TLC is:

  • ILT Course – This is the overall training that “hosts” the different offerings
  • ILT Classes – These are the general time spans and locations where the training is offered. ILT Courses and split into ILT Classes which allows the course content to be offered multiple times.
  • Sessions – These are the specific times the training takes place. ILT Classes can be split into sessions. 

Best Practices

  1. Make sure this is the right activity type. There are other similar activity types that may be more useful.
    • If you need to set up a one-time ILT activity, you can just create an ILT Class
    • If your domain has integrated with Webex, Adobe Connect, iLinc, Zoom, or Live Meeting and you want to either schedule a life online event or upload a recorded one, create a virtual session.
    • If you need to create a recurring activity across dozens of sessions (such as a proctored assessment) consider using a dynamic Offering.

  2. If this activity is instructor-led make sure your instructors exist in the system and have the instructor checkbox selected on their Administrator profile.

  3. If this activity is on-location, make sure any required locations, facilities, equipment, or vendors are in the system.

  4. Add Instructors, location, cost, equipment to the class not the course.


1.  Click Admin

2.  Click Learning Management

3.  Click Activity Management

4.  Click Learning Activities. This will open a new screen.


5.  Click on New Activity

6.  Scroll down to ILT Course. This will take you to the Wizard.


16.  Configure General Properties for the Activity

    • Name
    • Primary Domain
    • Add an Image (optional)
    • Verify the Activity Type is ILT Course
    • Input the Code
    • Add a Description
    • Input the Owner
    • Add a Contact
    • Add the Email for the contact(s)
    • Input a URL for the program
    • Input Keywords

17. Click Optional

18.  Navigate to Configure general properties for your activity -->Grading and Completion 

    • Click the checkbox for Contribute to parent activity completion
    • Decide if it is Required
    • Determine the Grading Scale
    • Input a Minimum percent
    • Input the estimated duration
    • Input Estimated Credit Hours
    • Input the Number of child activities to successfully complete
    • Pick a rule for child activities
    • Determine the Diploma Template you are using
    • Determine Electronic Signature settings
    • Decide if you are enabling automatic activity completion

19.  Add additional optional settings: (if desired)

    • Auto Completion processed
    • Calculate change in completion status
    • Learners can view and print diploma certificates after passing at least one evaluationL
    • Enable Learning Activity Sequencing
    •  Approval settings
    •  Indicate if you wish to Require a Comment when requesting Completion
    •  Determine Roster settings for “Attended” or “Waived” attempts

20. Click OK

21. Navigate to Schedule-->General 

    • Input Start Date and Time
    • Input End Date and Time
    • Set a Registration Deadline (optional)
    • Set a Cancelation Deadline (optional
    • Verify Time zone is set to America/Los Angeles
    • Click the checkbox to check for conflicts (optional)

22.    Click OK

23.  Navigate to Registration-->Availability

  • Click Open for registration
  • If you are using this in a curricula click Allow one click registration.
  • Determine Minimum Capacity
  • Determine Maximum Capacity
  • Set Default Approver
  • Click the checkbox Enable Form-Based Approvals to use Form Based Approvals
  • Select the Approval Workflow
  • Input Block Roster settings (optional)

24. Navigate to Registration --> Audience

  • Associate the registration audience with the learning activity

25.  Navigate to Registration --> Prerequisites (optional)

26.  Navigate to Resources--Instructors

  • Add Instructors

27.  Navigate to Resources-->Locations

  • Add Locations

28.  Navigate to Resources-->Equipment

  • Add Equipment

29.  Navigate to Notifications-->System

  • Inactivate all active notifications
  • Select the few notifications you wish to use and activate them
  • Double check the cc: checkboxes and uncheck Manager unless you really want notifications going to managers

30. Click Validate for Production

31.  Click Move to Production