Accessing the Optional Page from the Homepage

HS LA 1.png

  1. Click Learning Activities – this will take you to the Activity Management Page

Activity Management Page

Note:  For this job aid example an existing learning activity was selected, and the Optional Page is accessed by clicking on “Edit” next to that learning activity.

AM 1.png

Click Edit – this will take you to the General Properties for the learning activity

GP Options.png

Click the Optional button to access the Optional settings to configure additional properties

Social Collaboration sub menu – not being used at this time

  • Social Collaboration

    OP Social Collaboration Social Page.png

Enable community - By default, Enable Discussion Boards, Enable Blog posts, and Allow
File Uploads are selected, but you can update these if needed.


Available options:

► Private: Enabled at initial creation of the community. Members added based on activity
roster or status (in progress, waived, or completed).
► Public:
Owner can make the community public after creation of the activity.
► Hidden:
If enabled, community cannot be found through Enterprise Search. (Users will have
to be invited to join.)
► Disable Join Requests:
If enabled, this hides the Join Request button in the community itself.
► Enable Discussion Boards:
Enabled by default. Makes discussion boards available in the
► Enable Blogs:
Enabled by default. Makes blogs available in the community.
► Allow File Uploads:
Enabled by default. Allows files to be uploaded and shared in the