Accessing the Optional Page from the Homepage


  1. Click Administration

  2. Click Learning Management

  3. Click Activity Management

  4. Click Learning Activities – this will take you to the Activity Management Page

Activity Management Page

Note:  For this job aid example an existing learning activity was selected and the Optional Page is accessed by clicking on “Edit” next to that learning activity.


Click Edit – this will take you to the General Properties for the learning activity


Click the Optional button to access the Optional settings to configure additional properties


Optional Information Sub Menus

The next section of sub menus is where you determine settings for the Learning Activity

This menu ties together related activities to create a complex learning structure like a curricula, academy, or in-service. 

Related Activities sub menu

  • Child Activities
  • Fulfillment Links
  • Subscription Links
  • Offered By
  • Continuing Education – Continuing Education only applies to activities associated with CE Requirement Groups
  • Associated Bundles – Only applies to organizations that have enabled Extended Enterprise


Child Activities Page

This page is a list of all child activities for the currently selected activity. 

Child Activities are also displayed in the activity tree in the Staging area.  Use this when a learning activity contains one or more components or related activities.  This allows you to view a list of the activities which belong to the top-level parent activity. 


Fulfillment Links Page

A fulfillment link is a connection between two activities where the completion of one activity meets or exceeds the requirements of the other.  When a learner has more than one way of completing an objective, a fulfillment link is used to link the activities to the objective.  Use a fulfillment link when a learner can read a document, attend an ILT class, or take an online tutorial to complete a learning objective.  This section presents two perspectives.  The first allows you to add activities to be fulfilled by your activity, and the second view are those activities which fulfill your activity. 



Settings available on this page include:

Determine how to honor past and future successful completions

No Selection – the learner needs tom complete the activity when they register for the curriculum even if they previously completed it.

Honor successful completions made after this activity structure moves to production – honors the first completion that happens after the curriculum is moved to production

Honor successful completions made before this activity structure moves to production – honors completions that happen before the curriculum is moved to production.  This depends on an additional selection of Most recent completion – honors the most recent completion or Most recent completion after (Date) – honors the most recent completion after the selected date.

Only honor the above completions after the learners register for at least one activity in this activity structure – honors previous completions only after the learner registers for the curriculum and at least one activity within it.  This checkbox changes the way the other two options work, so you can’t select it until you’ve selected one or both of the other checkboxes.

Subscription Links page (part of building a curriculum)

There may be times when you want to reuse an activity in multiple activity structures (like academies, curriculums, bundles, etc.).  For example, you could upload an informational document and subscribe it to multiple curricula.  The subscribed activity then functions like a child activity to the parent activity.  This page is a list of activities associated by subscription links.  The top table shows what the currently selected activity is subscribing to, while the bottom table shows the activities that subscribe to it.  Note:  Ensure the “Can be subscribed” checkbox is selected for the activity you want to subscribe to the parent activity. 


Offered By Links Page

A learning activity might be available in sessions or classes which are offered at different times.  Learners can view the offering of an activity as options for completing the activity during registration.  This is a list of all activities associated by offered by links.  The currently selected activity is an offering of the activity in the top table.  The offerings of the currently selected activity are shown in the bottom table.


Associated Bundles Page

Bundles are an activity type made up of other activities.  You can use bundles to package related activities together so learners can access them all at once.  You can bundle online courses, generic documents, knowledge documents, quick assessments, and recorded virtual sessions.  Since bundles are just a collection of other activities, they cannot be assigned, registered, tracked, or completed.  Learners can find bundles using Enterprise Search and in the library, the promoted topics widget, or recommended activities widget.