Accessing the Optional Page from the Homepage

HS LA 1.png

  1. Click Learning Activities – this will take you to the Activity Management Page

Activity Management Page

Note:  For this job aid example an existing learning activity was selected, and the Optional Page is accessed by clicking on “Edit” next to that learning activity.

AM 1.png

Click Edit – this will take you to the General Properties for the learning activity.

GP Options.png

Click the Optional button to access the Optional settings to configure additional properties.


Schedule sub menu

  • General Schedule Settings


When you schedule a learning activity you assign a start date, end date, registration deadline date, and cancelation deadline date to a learning activity.  The time and date for the activity will display to users in the time zone set for the activity. 

Schedule General Page

Set the general scheduling information such as start and end dates, registration deadline, cancelation deadline, and time zones.  If you change the start date, the system calculates the end date based on offset days (number of days between start and end date) after you click OK.  If you change the start or end-date after resources are approved, the resources will require approval again. 

Activity Optional Schedule Sub Menu.png