Accessing the Optional Page from the Homepage


  1. Click Administration

  2. Click Learning Management

  3. Click Activity Management

  4. Click Learning Activities – this will take you to the Activity Management Page

Activity Management Page

Note:  For this job aid example an existing learning activity was selected and the Optional Page is accessed by clicking on “Edit” next to that learning activity.


Click Edit – this will take you to the General Properties for the learning activity


Click the Optional button to access the Optional settings to configure additional properties

Resources sub menu

  • Instructors
  • Locations
  • Vendors
  • Equipment


Instructors, locations, vendors, and equipment are all considered resources which can be attached to learning activities. 

Resources Instructors Page

Make sure that any users you want to assign as instructor have the Instructor checkbox selected on their profile.


Resources Locations Page


Resources Vendors Page


Resources Equipment Page