Accessing the Optional Page from the Homepage

HS LA 1.png

  1. Click Learning Activities – this will take you to the Activity Management Page

Activity Management Page

Note:  For this job aid example an existing learning activity was selected, and the Optional Page is accessed by clicking on “Edit” next to that learning activity.

AM 1.png

Click Edit – this will take you to the General Properties for the learning activity

GP Options.png

Click the Optional button to access the Optional settings to configure additional properties

Notifications sub menu

  • System-defined – notifications that are customized at the domain level
  • User-defined
  • Mobile push alerts – only applies to domains that use the mobile app


Notifications are built-in messages that help day-to-day management and administration of learning activities and learners.  Existing messages can be modified or the BADS professional can create custom notifications.  You can configure and send notifications without attachments or add user notes to calendar appointments.  There are notifications for various processes, such as development plans, password resets, or publishing content alerts.  Notifications enable you to keep learners informed about training assignments, registrations, certifications, and much more.  You can also send mobile notifications to learners with mobile access alerting them to new assigned SCORM mobile or generic document activities.  They can then click this alert to go directly to their mobile app and download the content for their device.  Active notifications deploy automatically based on either an event or a set schedule.

System Defined Notifications Page

The Learning Center contains a wide variety of built-in messages to assist with everyday training needs and management or administrative duties.  Individuals with the proper permissions can modify the existing messages or create custom notifications.  They can be configured and sent out without attachments or they can add learner notes to calendar appointments.  Most notifications relate to Learn activities, allowing the end-user to keep learners informed about training assignments, registrations, certifications, etc.  Mobile notifications can be sent alerting learners to new mobile content.  The learner can click on the notification and be taken directly to the mobile app to download content onto their device.  Active notifications deploy automatically based on either an event or a set schedule. 

OP Notifications System Defined Page.png

User Defined Notifications Page

If none of the available predefined system notifications meet your needs, end-users can create their own notifications for specific notifications.  User defined notifications allows domains to send new, updated messages about an activity.  They can create their notifications for specific circumstances, such as notifying users who have already launched an activity, sending messages to canceled learners, and copying an instructor who also needs to be notified of a charge.  You can also define triggers that make sense for your activity.  Note:  User defined notifications only deploy for the specific learning activity where you create them.  They do not deploy to the entire company or domain, and they cannot be shared between activities or domains.  They are not inherited by child activities or offerings. 

OP Notifications User Defined Page.png

User defined notifications provide flexibility and the ability to create notifications that are specific to the need of the current learning activity.  To create one from here you would select New which then options a User Defined Notifications dialog box

OP Notifications User Defined Options Page.png

Mobile Push Notifications Page

The Learning Center can sent push alert notifications to iOS and Android devices when mobile activities are assigned to users with mobile application access enabled. 

OP Notifications Mobile push Page.png