Facilities are places where training occurs, and they have locations within them for training.  1500 Jefferson is a facility.  DES Training Room 3060 which is housed at 1500 is a location.  Equipment goes in the locations.  So if Room 3060 had a projector, a screen, a computer, a microphone system, that could all be set up here.

  1. Click on Administration

  2. Click Learning Management

  3. Click Resources (you may have to scroll down to see it)

  4. Click Equipment. This will take you to a new page


  5. Click New.  This will open a new page

  6. Enter the Name

  7. Use Browse to select the domain for the facility

  8. Select the Equipment Type

  9. Input the Serial Number

  10. Input the Equipment Model

  11. Use Browse to select the location where the equipment is housed.

  12. Indicate if using the equipment Requires Approval

  13. Enter the URL for the facility

  14. Enter the Contact Email

  15. Enter the equipment Description

  16. Add any Notes

  17. Click the arrow to open up Optional Information

  18. Input the Text

  19. Input the Date Range

  20. Input the Money

  21. Input the Currency Type

  22. Input the Integer

  23. Input the Float

  24. Select Yes/No

  25. Input a Memo

  26. Click OK