Set up Locations in your Domain

Facilities are places where training occurs, and they have locations within them for training.  1500 Jefferson is a facility.  DES Training Room 3060 which is housed at 1500 is a location.


  1. Click the Admin icon

  2. Click Setup

  3. Click Learning

  4. Click Domain Resources

  5. Click Locations. This will take you to a new page.


  6. Click New. This will open a new page



  1. Enter the Name

  2. Use Browse to select the domain for the facility

  3. Use Browse to select the Facility where the Location is housed

  4. Enter the Maximum Capacity

  5. Enter the URL for the Facility / Location

  6. Enter the email for contacting the location

  7. Click the arrow to expand for Optional Information

  8. Input Optional Text

  9. Input Date Range for location use

  10. Input Cost to use the facility

  11. Enter type of Currency

  12. Input the Integer

  13. Check Yes/No

  14. Input the Float

  15. Add a Memo

  16. Click OK