This article covers the basic navigation of the main landing page when first logging into the Learning Center.  The primary audience is the individual learner.  However, at the end, there will be a couple of items for those in a manager role with direct reports.





  1. Self – opens a more detailed navigation dropdown that includes learning activities, dashboards, and access to your transcript which is under Reporting. Expand the men by clicking on the downward arrow ( ) next to Self.

  2. Search – as you begin typing, results will start to appear.

  3. Help – link to the SumTotal support documentation.

  4. Profile – view your profile details and access the Sign-out to exit the Learning Center. Managers can also access their direct reports information from here.

  5. Home – if you need to return to this page, you can click on this image to return to this home landing page.

  6. Timeline – brings up a list of training that is required, assigned, past due, currently taking, and upcoming.

  7. Library – if your Agency has created Library Topics, it is a way to find various learning activities.

  8. Learner Dashboard – this expands upon the topics provided on the initial login page. You can navigate to everything you need to do from either the Learner Dashboard or the Dashboard card.

  9. Statewide Announcement – when there is an important announcement, this is the location where it will be posted.  There may not be an announcement here at all times.

  10. Announcements – location where Agency announcements would appear.

  11. My Trainingprovides a link to the Learner Dashboard.

  12. Transcript – quick access to your transcript.

  13. Quick links – a simple list of areas you may need to access.

Key Navigation Changes and Features:


  1. Words replace icons in the top navigation bar.
  2. New Control Panel consisting of links to homepage, timeline, library, and learner dashboard.
  3. Dynamic Menus build out as you mouse over them.
  4. New menu search feature embedded in dynamic menus.
  5. Sign-out has moved under end-user profile.

Most commonly used features:

1.                 Timeline

2.                 Search

3.                 Transcript

These three features allow you to look for training opportunities, manage what you have been assigned/registered to take, and review which activities you have completed.

The basic workflows for the Learning Center revolve around you either finding your own training or being automatically assigned training. You may be assigned to training based on your job or organization. You may also take control of your own training by searching for training options provided by your Agency.

Typically, you will come to the Learning Center to do one of three things:

  1. Complete assigned/required training (Timeline)
  2. Look for training (Enterprise Search)
  3. Review your transcript (Transcript)

Below are the methods to help you get to these features most quickly:



You can access the Timeline in the left side navigation


The number on top of the icon indicates the number of training activities requiring your registration.

After clicking on Timeline, you can view your assigned and in progress learning activities. If you have already completed an activity, it no longer appears on the Timeline.


You can use the Tasks and Learn tabs to narrow the activities that display. The Tasks tab displays to-do items such as training plans or classes you're teaching, while the Learn tab displays learning activities to which you are assigned or registered.

The Tasks tab divides activities by Current, Upcoming, and Past Due.

From the Learn tab, you can narrow your list of activities by the following views:


Total:          Displays all training information. This view can also list critical training activities or activities with an expiration date if configured by the administrator.

Current:       Displays a list of current training activities in Registered and In Progress status.

Upcoming:   Displays a list of upcoming training activities, either Registered or Assigned.

Past Due:      Displays overdue training activities.

Assigned:      Displays a list of assigned training activities including Required and Recommended activities.

Critical:  Displays a list of all the critical training that a learner needs to take, such as:

  • The learner's registered training
  • The learner's assigned training
  • A certification with an expiration date
  • A non-certification with an expiration date (provided the administrator has chosen to Replace Due Date With

Expiration Date for non-certification activities)

The application organizes these items in a sorted list using the "need by" date. The Due Date column lists the need by date on which the learner needs to have completed the critical training.

If the Due Date is in red, bold font, it indicates that a learner has not completed the learning activity by the date in the Due Date column, a certification (mandatory recurring training) has expired, or a non-certification with an expiration date has expired

Required Certification (recurring Training):    Displays the certification information including Required and In Progress certifications.

From the Timeline view, you can Register for or Start learning activities found in your list.  By clicking on the word Register a new window will open the learning activity.  Online courses will offer a Start option to launch the course and instructor-led courses will show available classes you can select. 

From here, you can also cancel training for which you are registered.  You can also cancel assigned training, but the application will not remove the assignment.  The only way to remove an assignment is to successfully complete the training or have your Learning Center administrator remove the assignment. 


Learning Search

The easiest method to find learning activities is through the use of the Learning Search. 

As you begin typing within the Search field, potential titles will begin to appear:


You can click on the title if it appears in the preview or you can click on the magnifying glass to view all of the search results.


When you find the activity you want, you can click on the title to view additional details and then click on the Register button.




The fastest method to access your Transcript is clicking on Transcript from the home page.  Once selected a new page opens with your Training Transcript.

If you have years of learning activities, the Learning Center gives you the opportunity to filter based upon a Year or Date Range where you identify the Start and End Dates. Once you have made your selection you click on the Refresh button to see the results.

Once you have the list you need you can Print or Export to PDF if needed.  Please note, the transcript will only show learning activities you have completed.

Manager Role with Direct Reports

Learners who also have the manager role with direct reports will have an additional navigation option of My Team.


The My Team dropdown provides access to your Manager Dashboard which includes your direct reports, and those learners you have access to view in the Learning Center.


Manager Dashboard


  1. Tasks – shows your Pending Approvals. Click on the Pending Approvals link to access and approve trainings.
  2. Past Due Trainings – quick view of your direct reports with past due trainings.
  3. Users – view each of your direct reports.
  • Click on the Incomplete button to be taken to their Detailed Exception Report by User page which shows their overdue assignments.
  • Click on the dropdown button next to Select to launch emulation mode to view their Learner Approvals, Self-Reported Trainings, Training Analysis, Training Schedule, or Training Transcript.
  1. Activities – click on the Users button to access the activity Detailed Exception Report by Activity.
  • View, print or export the learner’s progress in the activity.
  1. Search – when on the Users screen, you can search for a user by name. When on the Activities screen, you can search for activities by name.
  2. Viewable Users – use to the dropdown to view All Viewable Users or just your Direct Reports.