How to Use Edge to Open an Online Course


Click on the START icon on your toolbar.



After clicking on the START icon, the window will expand giving you an alphabetical list of available programs.

Click on the sliding bar and scroll down the list of entries until you reach the “M” section.

Click on the “Microsoft Edge” option. This program will launch and will direct you to the Inside L&I intranet page.



At the Inside L&I intranet page, scroll down to the bottom.


Click on “Training” in the “For Employees” section.


Clicking on this entry will launch the Learning Center.



Since this is your first time launching the Learning Center using Microsoft Edge, you will be asked to sign in using one of the accounts listed on the page.

Select “Active Directory.”



Selecting “Active Directory” will redirect you to the Learning Center landing page.

To access the new employee online training, click on the library icon.



A drop down menu becomes available after clicking on the library icon.


Click on the right-facing arrow on the same line as the L&I Library.



Click on “New Employee Training.”




A new page will open that includes all learning activities in the New Employee Training topic.

Select the course you want to register for by clicking on the three vertical dots next to the title of the course.



On the drop down menu, click on “Register.”




On the Activity Registration page, click the “Register” button on the bottom right corner of your screen.