1.  Click on the Transcript button on the My Transcript section on the home page.


You will be directed to your Training Transcript page.


You have the ability to access all or some records from your transcript by year or by defining select dates.

2.  Click on the drop down menu with Date Range and select All or a specified Date Range as the first option shown to access information from your transcript.


Clicking on the Date Range drop down menu will expand the list.

The first entry is All followed by every year you have recorded training. Trainings include those you have received from a department (agency/agencies employed), enterprise wide trainings and outside vendor training.

The earliest year that will be available to you would be the first year of your recorded training.


You will see your screen refresh itself. Your most training records will be on display in order from most recent.


View Activities and Completions

3.  Click on the chevron next to the activity to expand the view to all classes associated to that activity. Note, expand the view next to each applicable activity prior to printing or exporting to PDF your training transcript.



Expanded view:


4.  Click on the diploma icon to view and print your certificate of completion.


Print or Download

5.  Click on the Print button to get a printed copy. You have to choose a printer. The default setting is Microsoft Print to PDF.


5.  Click on the Export to PDF button to get an electronic copy of your transcript. Using this option allows you to download a copy of the file in a PDF format.

View the Activity Details

The title of each training activity on your transcript is a hyperlink. Click on each activity title to reveal details of the  activity.


The screen below is an example of what details are included in the training record when the title of the activity is selected.


Navigate back to your Dashboard by clicking on the Learning Center in the upper left corner.