December 31st of 2020 was the official end-of-life date for Adobe Flash.  No major browsers will permit the use of Flash content.

The method below is for cases where you don’t have access to the original source files. It allows you to reconstruct the training in a manner that is not too time-consuming and results in a pretty clean product. Here is how it works.


Tools you will need:


  • ScreentoGIF - This is a simple utility program that will help you capture content from a flash course and convert it into images that can be imported into PowerPoint. You may need your IT support folks to help you install this on your computer.

  • PowerPoint - You’ll use PowerPoint to create an album of all the images so that they can easily be imported into Presenter.

  • Articulate Presenter - Presenter will allow you to create a SCORM package that you can upload to The Learning Center.


Load this link into your browser to watch a YouTube video on the topic: How to Convert Old Flash Courses into Storyline HTML5 E-learning Courses