Locate Approval Settings in your Domain

  1. Click on Administration
  2. Click on Administrative Overview
  3. Click on Approval Settings

The enterprise (parent) domain settings are set up so that any training that costs between $1.00 and $10,000.00 will require approval at the agency level to move forward

Change Approval Settings

  1. Uncheck Inherit Parent Domain Settings
  2. Determine the Approval Level(s) you wish to apply to your domain.  Your choices are:
  • Training Level Approval– this approval can be used on learning activities that your agency owns.  This would allow the agency to determine which of their owned training content would require approval and which ones would not.


  • Registrant Level Approval – This approval type is applied to all end-users in your domain. You would use this when there is a designated approver (this requires a batch upload), or the manager/supervisor (as identified by the HRMS feed) is used to approve trainings.  If you set it to manager approval they will automatically receive all training requests, regardless of cost (free or paid).


  • Advanced Approval Settings – Cost-based approvals this option is used when there is a fee associated with the training. Please note:  There is no automatic way to assign the manager as the approver.  To do this you request the batch upload spreadsheet from DES to establish who the manager/approver is for each end-user.  This does not pull from the HRMS/AD feed and will have to be maintained by hand.  This is the only way to have managers approve only training that costs money as opposed to both free and fee-based trainings.