Updating the Agency News Page

Best Practices:

  1. Knowledge of how to tag/code using HTML5 allows you a better understanding of how to personalize your information. If you are not familiar with HTML coding and wish to learn how to better customize your news, the online website "w3schools.com" (https://www.w3schools.com/html/) contains free tutorials along with an online "Try it yourself" editor and useful HTML examples.

  2. If available to you, having a text or source code editor such as Notepad++, UltraEdit, Dreamweaver, or other HTML editing software makes it easier to visually see/understand any updates you are making, and allows you to preview your information more quickly, without having to upload to display your customizations after each update. If you don't have access to a text editor, Microsoft's Notepad will work.

  3. You will need to have software to compress a folder into a .zip folder that contains the files used for the News. Your IT department should be able to recommend and provide this for you. "7-Zip" is a free, open source software that works well.


View Current Agency News:

From the Home page, click on Dashboard in the MY TRAINING card. The News displays(yellow highlight):



A basic News file has been preloaded into the WSLC for each agency. If your agency had a customized Announcements widget in the LMS such as:


That information was mirrored into the Agency News section in WSLC (including your agency logo if used) by copying the HTML contained in your LMS Announcement widget:



The Agency News requires a .zip file to upload the News page information in WLSC. This .zip file must have at a minimum an "index.htm" file containing the HTML markup, and may optionally contain a ".png" picture file that will display your agency logo (as seen in above DES example). Please note the WSLC uses a newer version of HTML and that the HTML copied over from the LMS may not display the translated/formatted data exactly the same in the new system.


Creating the .zip File to be Uploaded:


This is an example of the index.htm file generated for DES using Notepad++ to edit:



  1. Update the <title> html (highlighted in yellow).

  2. The "src" file is the optional agency logo picture file (highlighted in red).

  3. Update the text for the heading (highlighted in purple).

  4. Update the text for the paragraph verbiage (highlighted in green).

  5. Save the changes to the file. TIP: Once the changes are saved, double clicking on the index.htm file will open it in your default browser to view the updates made.

  6. Save the index.htm file to a designated folder. If using the optional .png file, save it also in this folder.

  7. Zip the designated folder, noting the location as this will be the zipped file that is required to upload the News into WSLC.


Uploading the News content:


  1. Click on Admin Tab.

  2. Click on System

  3. Click on Data

  4. Click on Organizations

  5. Click on your Organization Name.




  1. Click on News, this will open the News screen.      


  2. Click on the Add button, this will open the ADD NEWS CONTENT popup.


  3. Click Browse button to select the appropriate .zip file to be uploaded.

  4. The .zip file displays.

  5. In the Language field drop down, select "English (United States)".

  6. In the Mode field drop down, selecting "Learner" will display the News to those where the primary role is Learner. Selecting "Manager" will display the News to those where the primary role is Manager, and selecting "Administrator" will display the News to those where the primary role is Administrator. If you wish to display the same News content to all roles, select "All".

  7. Click the Upload button.


  8. While the file is loading, a status message displays.


  9. Once the upload is complete, the NEWS page displays again.

  10. Click on Preview to view the updated news.