DESCRIPTION: These are instructions for Agency Learning Center Admins to cancel a registration for a DES Enterprise course on behalf of the Learner.

Agency Admins do not have access to Enterprise class rosters and therefore cannot remove them directly from the roster. The Learner can either cancel their registrations themselves or the Admin must emulate the employee and cancel registration on their behalf.


  1. Select Administration Tab

  2. Select Users

  3. Select All Users

  4. Search for the Users that you would like to emulate and cancel the registration on behalf of ....

  5. Select User Profile

  6. Select Emulate Employee from the right hand user pane slide out

  7. Select Self Icon (eye shown while emulating)

  8. Select Learning

  9. Select Training Schedule

  10. Select radio button next to the activity you would like to cancel the user on behalf of ...

  11. Select Cancel Registration at the top of the training activity schedule

  12. Review the Cancel Confirmation page

  13. Select Confirm Cancellation


If you have additional questions in regards to DES Enterprise fee based instructor led classes you can also contact the Learning Solutions team directly at and they can help assist.