Description: In this job Aid you will learn how to navigate to a specific ILT class activity roster and assign a user by domain, audience, individual etc.

Best Practices:

Use this to assign learners quickly to a roster. To manage and reconcile a roster we recommend selecting the activity, to open the Activity General Properties screen, select roster and manage it from this area.

Landing Page Navigation:


  1. Click

  2. Click Learning Management.

  3. Click Activity Management.

  4. Click Learning Activities, this will open the activity management screen.


  5. Search for the Learning Activity to update manage the roster and give completions.

  6. Select Drop Down arrow on the right hand side of the page next to Edit on the Learning Activity.

  7. Scroll down to Manager Roster.


  8. Select Add to open the Batch Registration screen displays the class offering of the activity.



  1. Select Continue to open the select users drop down.


  2. Select Add to open the Select Users screen.


  3. From the Select Users screen, you can select from the many options to search for a user (domain, audience, organization etc.). For the purposes of this job aid use the Radio Button to Select Users by Domain.

  4. Click



  1. Use the Check Box to Select all or individual users from the domain list of users.

  2. Select the Arrow next to registration to move the selected users to a registered status on the roster.



  1. Click Submit at the bottom of the Batch Registration page.


  1. On the Activity Roster screen you can now view all the users that you have just registered. To view the entire roster click Search Users.