1. Click on Administration
  2. Click on Administration Overview
  3. Click on Learning Activities, this will open the Learning Activity Management scree
  4. Locate the Learning Activity you wish to assign
  5. Click on Edit
  6. Click Send to Stage so you are able to edit the activity
  7. Click on the Optional button

Make sure the Learning Activity is set up correctly

      8.  Navigate to Configure General Properties for your activity >Status

  • Check Active
  • Check Hide from Search Results for Learners and Managers
  • Check No registration Required
  • If you are using this as part of a curriculum check Can be Subscribed
  • Change the Status dropdown to Active

     9.  If this is a recurring activity click on Certification and set your recurrence cadence

    10.  Click on Grading and Completion

  • Input 1 under Number of child activities to successfully complete

    11.  Click OK

    12.  Navigate to Registration>Availability

  •     Check Open for Registration
  • Check Allow one click registration
  • Click on Audiences ensure your registration audience will include individuals in your Management Audience
  • Click OK

13.  Navigate to Notifications>System

  • Inactivate all notifications (there are multiple pages of about 75 notifications available. You have to inactivate them on each page)
  • Reactivate the few notifications you wish to have on
  • Check notification settings (turn off manager cc (if desired), select timing of notification release

Make the Assignment

14.  Navigate to Management—Audiences

    • Click Add
    • Select the Audience(s) you wish to add
    • Click Next
    • Click Apply to All to use the same settings for all of your audiences, or do the assignment audience by audience if they have different completion terms.
    • Select Required from the dropdown menu
  • Determine how you wish to handle previous completions. Check Ignore Previous Completions if you do do not want to give credit for previous completions
  • Select the Today radio button under Assignment Date. If you select a hard date individuals who join the audience later may not get the assignment
  • Select the Within radio button and put in the number of days they have to complete the assignment i.e. 30 days, 60 days, 180 days, etc. If you select a hard date for this, individuals who join the audience after the due date will automatically be in expired status.
  • Select Mandatory in the dropdown menu
  • Click OK

15.  Click OK again

16.  Click Validate for Production

17.  Click Move to Production