1. Click Administration
  2. Click Learning Management

  3. Click Activity Management

  4. Click Learning Activities


5.  Narrow the filter to Online Course



6.  Input the Name, Code, or Keywords and click the magnifying glass to search

7.  Click the down button to the right of the Edit button for your selected activity

8.  Select Manage Roster


9.  Click Add

10.  Click Continue

11.  Click Add again (bottom left side under Available Users)

12.  Search for users – default select viewable users

13.  Click Next

14.  Search for User  Note: If a user is already on the roster as registered they will not appear in the search.

15.  Select Checkbox next to user, you can continue searching for users and selecting the checkbox. The system will keep all previous users selected.

16.  Click Ok

17.  Click Blue Arrow (next to Registration)

18.  Click Submit bottom right

19.  Select Checkbox next to User Name

20.  Select Status Drop down – Attended

21.  Add Date Time, if specific or defaults to today date/time

22.  Select Completed Drop Down - Yes

23.  Click Apply

24.  Click Search users (at the top middle) to view FULL Roster