How to View, Export, and Print end-user Learning Activities

  1. Click on the Admin 

  2. Click on  Users

  3. Click on All Users

  4. Enter the Name of the end-user in the search box under the word “users”

  5. Click on their Name

  6. Click on their Name again in the right hand slide out box (blue text at the top)

  7. Click on Learning

  8. Click on Learning Activities There are multiple views on this page that allow you to see all of the learning activities and end-user is associated with. The views are:
    • All Assigned Training
    • Training Assigned by Job
    • Training Assigned Directly
    • Training Assigned by Audience
    • Training Certifications
    • Certification History
    • Not Applicable
    • Current Registrations
    • Completed Registrations
    • Current Activities
    • Upcoming Activities
    • Canceled Activities
    • Waiting List or Pending Approval
    • Online activities with fixed duration

If you need to produce a report showing Completed Assigned Training and/or All Assigned Training, you are able to export from these views and put that information in an excel spreadsheet where you can combine and manipulate