The Exception Report section of the Manager Dashboard lets you track and manage your direct reports and other managed users and their training.


Log into the Learning Center (https: //


  1. Click on the "My Team" icon at the top left of the homepage.

  2. Click on "MANAGER DASHBOARD"The Manager Dashboard has separate sections that provide the manager information on:

Tasks - This section is where you go to look at your pending approvals, pending signatures, pending activity completion requests.

Past Due Training - This section lists the names of users that have overdue training.  To the right of a user's name, it has the total number of overdue activities.

News - Displays news from your primary organization.


Exception Report - Provides information on the overall progress of a user's complete and incomplete assigned activities.


From here, you can:


Emulate Viewable Users: " Viewable users" refers to two kinds of users: " direct reports " or " managed users ," which are users that have you listed as one of their managers, and " additional viewable users," which are users that have you  listed as an Additional Viewable User. You can perform all the same actions on both kinds of users.


With the proper security permission, you can emulate a managed or viewable user from the Manager Dashboard. Emulation allows you to view the user's pages as if they were your own.


  • If you have emulation permissions, use the user's drop-down menu next to " SELECT" to view the learner pages.

  • Click "Training Transcript" to view the user's training transcript.  This launches "Emulation" mode.  


    You can tell that you're in Emulation mode is you see the yellow eye in the top left corner of the Learning Center page.
  • To Exit "Emulation" mode, click the "self" icon (looks like a yellow eye)

  • Then click "Exit Emulation".  Once you exit "Emulation" mode, refer to steps one and two to get back to the Manager Dashboard.  


To view a detailed exception report by user, click the INCOMPLETE button within each users exception report.



If you would like to view all of the individual 's assignments, click "Showall assignments in left hand navigation menu.

Click the "CLOSE" button at the bottom right of the page  to return to the Manager Dashboard.

Click " ACTIVITIES" : This displays all activities assigned to your managed users and the progress your learners have made towards completion.

Click the "USERS" button to view a detailed exception report by activity.



Click the "CLOSE" button at the bottom right of the page  to return to the Manager Dashboard.

Instructions courtesy of Jack Donaway, DRS



You may also find these two additional exception reports helpful:

ALL Out of the Box (OOB) > Exception Reports > Assignment Detail Report

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