What are Side Conversations?

Side conversations are spaces in a ticket where agents can have a side conversation with a specific group of people or discuss a specific area of concern or course of action. You can use them to organize information about a ticket.

Additional Information on Side Conversations:

How to use Side Conversations

To start a side conversation in Zendesk, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the ticket you want to start a side conversation in.

  2. Click on the Side Conversations icon in the Side Conversations bar.

  3. Select the + for Side conversation options.

  4. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to include in the side conversation.
    Note: If you choose Ticket as your option for side conversations, you can only choose Zendesk agents to have the side conversation with.

  5. Type your message and click Send.

Viewing side conversations

From the ticket, you can view a list of all the side conversations on the ticket.

To view a list of side conversations on a ticket

  • In a ticket, open the context panel and click the Side conversations () icon.

    If you don’t have the Agent Workspace, in the ticket click the Side conversations bar.

    A list of side conversations on the ticket displays.

To open an existing side conversation on a ticket

  • From the list of side conversations on the ticket, double-click the side conversation that you want to open.


Replying to side conversations

The people on a side conversation can be inside or outside of your organization. You can create side conversations on open or closed tickets. If someone replies to a side conversation on a closed ticket, triggers won’t be run on it even if they have side conversation conditions.

To reply to a side conversation

  1. From the ticket interface, open the side conversation you are interested in.

  2. Scroll up to review earlier replies in the side conversation, if needed.
    The conversation opens to the first unread reply for the agent viewing conversation. The most recent replies appear at the bottom of the side conversation.

  3. Update the list of recipients (if needed), add your reply and attachments, and then click Send.

    Each message has its own set of recipients, which can be edited at reply time.
    Note: If a user appears as [deleted], this means that the user was suspended from your account.

    When you add attachments, you can select a file from your computer or include one or more attachments that already exist in the ticket. Click the attachment icon () and select From computer or From ticket.
    Note: You can add attachments directly from the ticket in most cases. Some attachments, such as attachments via WhatsApp tickets, can’t be attached to a side conversation from a ticket. If an attachment can't be added directly from a ticket, then you can download the attachment and add it by selecting From computer.

    If you changed your mind and don’t want to send the message, click the delete icon (). The delete icon () does not delete the entire thread. Once you start a thread, you cannot delete it.

    All of the recipients on the side conversation receive an email notification with your message. The message being replied to is included as quoted content on outgoing emails.

    This notification doesn’t automatically include the assignee of the ticket or the creator of the side conversation.