Did you know there is a shortcut on your desktop for the DES Support Center?

Use the shortcut to submit a ticket, review and respond to your open tickets and find helpful information about DES!

  • All DES employees have a Zendesk account for submitting tickets.  You must be on VPN to use single sign-on.  Otherwise, enter the username and password that you use to log into your PC, when prompted.  For more information: Create A ZenDesk Account
  • Using the DES Support Center will route your ticket faster and provide us with the crucial information necessary to process your request for help.
  • Chat with the Pixie bot to find suggested help articles for commonly asked questions.
  • If Outlook is down, you can access the DES Support Center to submit tickets.
  • If your computer is down, you can access the DES Support Center via any browser (https://desitsupport4u.des.wa.gov).

Follow these tips when submitting tickets so they will be processed more efficiently.

Identify the application or software

Provide the full name of the product you need assistance with.  For a web application, include the URL you used to access the application.


Provide a brief description

The subject line of your email is the first thing we see.  Summarize your request to give us context and identifity urgency. 


Describe the issue

The more descriptive, the better.  Tell us the steps you took.

  • What happened?
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • What steps were taken before receiving an error?
  • What date and time did this issue occur?
  • When did it last work for you?
  • Is this causing you a work stoppage?

Provide a screenshot

Attach an image or file that captures the issue.

  • For a screenshot, capture the entire message and the entire application window in the background to include the URL.  If you are unable to provide an image, include the text from the error in your description.

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