When using an approved non-standard software, you must abide by the following caveats:

Technical Support Caveats

DES IT4U will not be able to provide any type of technical support for this applications as this is considered a non-standard application here at DES.

Information Security Caveats

  • Only Category 1 (Public Information) or Category 2 (Sensitive Information) may be held in non-standard software.
  • Users must use their DES email (but not password) as their unsername/lo-in.
      • Do not save passwords to your browsers.
  • User access must be set up with role-based permissions and each permission level must be documented.


  • Application Administrator - this user will have access to see all data within the application.
  • Standard User - this user will only have access to see data assigned ot thier log-in.
  • The business is responsbile for supporting the application.
  • Any new users added to the application need to be reported to ETS for tracking purposes.
  • ETS will reach out to you on an annual basis to see if you are still actively using this software.

Records Management/Retention Caveats

The business is reponsible for managing the retention and disposition of records/information in the application according to the records retention schedules.  For more information, please see: Records in Non-standard Software.

For questions on apply records retention, please contact Rachel Thompson (rachel.thompson@des.wa.gov)