Before you can set up Premium Voicemail, you need to put a ticket in with DES IT Support 4U and request an upgraded voicemail box. There is a cost associated with the upgraded mailbox. A standard mailbox costs $3.83/month and Premium is $5.00/month


  1. Go to your Avaya Messaging Web page:

On the UC Sign In page

    1. CLICK the UC Link
    2. ENTER your 10 digit mailbox number in the user name field
    3. ENTER your password in the password field. (Default is myvoicemail#1)
    4. CLICK Sign In

On the Avaya web page

    1. CLICK the “message forwarding” box under Messaging
    2. CLICK the “add new forwarding address” icon
    3. In the “send to specified destination” field
    4. ENTER the email address for where you want messages delivered to (

In the “Message Type” section

    1. CLICK the “Voice” box
    2. CLICK the “include attachment” box at the bottom of the page
    3. CLICK the “save and close” box
    4. You can add up to 6 email addresses.