If you need to work away from the office, you will be assigned a VPN Certficate. The VPN certificate will allow you to connect to the network while you are away and have the same access as you have while working in the office. The steps below will help you connect with BIG-IP Edge for your VPN connection.


  1. Connect to a Wireless Network (at home or outside of the Jefferson Building)

  2. Once you are connected to the Wireless network, confirm that you have Internet Access by opening a Web Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) and browsing to any website (like Google.com, MSN.com, etc.).

  3. Next, click on the BIG-IP Edge Client The Icon will be on your desktop but you can also Pin it to your taskbar or Start menu for easier access.

  4. The BIG-IP Edge Client will open. Click on Connect to connect to DES VPN (work network).


  5. A box will pop up like the one below and it will auto close once BIG-IP is connected.


  6. One the window above disappears, you are connected to VPN. Open up Windows Explorer and make sure you can click on your Shared Folders and/or your personal I Drive.


  7. Another way to confirm that you are connected to the DES VPN network is to click on the BIG-IP icon again and make sure it says Connected by the f5


  8. If you click on Auto-Connect, you will always Auto-Connect to DES VPN when your laptop finds an available Wireless network. If you have any issues with Auto-Connecting, you can always just manually Disconnect and manually click Connect instead.