If you would like to connect to another users Shared Dymo Printer, follow the steps below. These instructions are for Windows 10.

  1. Ask the User who has shared their Dymo Printer what their computer name is. The name is usually located on a sticker on the lip of their laptop or the top of their desktop computer. The name will generally start with DES and then L for laptop or a D for desktop. For Example: DESL10F307061

  2. Right click on the Start button and choose Run.

  3. In the Run box, type two back slashes and the name of the User's computer.
    Example: \\desl10f307061. Then hit OK

  4. A Windows Explorer box will open and you will see the Shared printer in the window. Double click on the printer and a window will pop up saying that a driver is being installed.

  5. The shared Dymo printer is now installed on your PC. You will need to put in a ticket with Helpdesk to have the Dymo software loaded.