Send your document to the printer and pick it up from any printer you choose with just the tap of your badge.

  1. At your computer, print your document/s to the FollowMe-Print printer.
  2. Tap your badge on the card reader to login to the printer.
    If you forget your badge, you will need to login with your
    computer username and password.

  3. After you have tapped your badge, you will be taken right into the FollowMe Printing screen.

    PRINT - If you would like to see which print jobs you have waiting to be printed, select Print. You will have three options under the Print Menu and Num Copies on the right.

    Select All: Pressing Select All will select all of the Print Jobs you have waiting and then release them with Print Selected. The Print All button to the right of screen will automatically release all of the print jobs listed as well.

    Print Selected: Select each print job you would like to release and then press Print Selected to release the individual print jobs.

    Delete Selected: Remove selected print jobs.

    Num Copies: may be used to change the total copies for each selected print job.

  4. PRINT ALL – If you just want to print all of the print jobs at once, select Print All and all of your print jobs will automatically release.