1. Tap your badge on the card reader to login to the printer.

  2. You will know you are completely logged in once you see the screen with the FollowMe, Scanner and Copy icons illuminated along the top. There is about a 3-5 second delay before the Copy & Scanner buttons light up.(see image below).


  3. Press the Scanner button (at the top) to Scan your document in and send it as an Email.

  4. Since you tapped your badge to log in, your name will show up as the only Scan to Email option. Click your name to send the document to your Email.


  5. You have the option to change the original settings before you send the document. Click Send Settings to change the settings. By default, the scanner will scan Black & White so if the original is color, you will need to change it to color in the Send Settings. You can change the DPI and orientation as well.

  6. Click the Start button to send your Email (the start button will turn green when it is ready to send).