FollowMe - How to Register Your Badge

In order to register your badge so you can start using the new Managed Print called FollowMe, follow the instructions below.

  1. On the copier touchscreen, click in the Username box and enter your DES/WaTech/OFM
    username (this is the account you log on to your computer with). Click OK.
    Note: For WaTech, this is NOT your email address. If you do not know your SAMID, contact your Helpdesk and they can look it for you.

  2. Click in the Password box and enter your password (same as workstation login) Press OK. 
    NOTE: The “Shift Lock” button = Caps Lock. Be cautious you are not typing in all caps. Press the “Shift” button once for a single capital letter or special character.

  3. Click Login in the lower right corner of the touchscreen.

  4. Click on Enroll in the lower left corner of the touchscreen.

    If the "Enroll" button does not appear, this means there is a badge already registered with your account. Please contact the Help Desk for further support.

  5. Tap your ID badge on the FollowMe card reader. Badge enrollment will automatically be finished.

  6. To log out of FollowMe, tap your ID badge on the FollowMe card reader.

NOTE: If you forget or lose your badge and have a temporary badge, DO NOT register the temporary badge. You will need to log in to the printer with your SAMID (account you use to log on to your computer) until you have a new badge or your original badge. Submit a ticket to DES IT Support if you receive a new badge so your old badge can be removed from the system. After the badge is removed, you can register your new badge.