Print Management will explore, implement, and manage new office print and document technologies that will enhance staff productivity, decrease costs, and help meet sustainability initiatives. The Print Management Program aligns with the goals of “Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace” by providing simplified and broad access to any customer print resource thru FollowMe Print technologies.


Why is DES implementing Print Management?

Printing and copying are significant expenses for customers. When testing Print Management technologies, Woodburn has observed an average 15-20% decrease in costs. Additionally, DES will achieve significant improvements in security and sustainability.


What is Follow-Me Print?

FollowMe Print is a technology that allows staff to securely release jobs at any DES printer or copier. With this technology, staff will have one printer on their computer called “FollowMe-Print”. Once you select to print to the “FollowMe-Print” printer you are able to walk up to any available copier or printer at any DES location, tap your DES employee badge, and your print jobs will be ready for you to print.


Are plotters included within the FollowMe Print technology?

No, at this time you will print to plotters through the same process you use today. In the future DES may review the need to include plotters within the FollowMe Print technology.


How do I get replacement toner?

A proactive toner replacement process, “Proactive Consumable Management” (PCM), will remove the need for manual toner ordering. The PCM process automatically monitors and manages toner fulfillments. Each printer is setup to send consumable level alerts to Woodburn. Woodburn collects those alerts and then validates the need for a consumable item against a set of business rules (e.g., when the last alert was received, number of pages printed by the device, etc.). Once the alert has been validated, a service call will be setup for delivery.


WHOM do I contact if I have more questions?

You will contact DES IT Support 4U with any of your questions. You can also visit the DES IT Support Customer Portal for documentation, tips/tricks and instruction sheets for Managed Print.