What is MDM (Mobile Device Management)?

MDM is a deployment of a combination of on-device applications and configurations, corporate policies and certificates, and backend infrastructure, for the purpose of simplifying and enhancing the IT management of end user devices.

What can I expect when my mobile device is enrolled in DES's MDM solution?

  • Policies and Updates will be pushed to the device and invisible to the user.
    • Policies that are required to be set by ETS Security will be enforced which means certain functionality will be removed and you will be unable to change some settings or turn them off. You will not be able to delete apps or move them to different screens.

    • Passcode requirements will be 10 characters and must have 2 numbers and 2 special characters. You will be able to still use FaceID and TouchID to log in.

  • DES approved applications will be available to download without interaction from DES IT Support.
    • If you are wanting to request a new application, you will need to put a ticket with DES IT Support and get it approved and made available.

    • Paid Applications will only be available to the division requesting the paid App. A cost code will be required for the purchase.

    • There will be an App Catalog available to you with all of the approved applications you are able to download to your mobile device. You do not need to call IT Support to get an approved app installed on your mobile device.

  • DES can remotely reset mobile device passcodes. When you forget your passcode, the phone will no longer need to be wiped as part of the process.