Whether you have wiped your existing state issued mobile device or you are getting a brand new state issued mobile device, the instructions below will assist you in getting your device set up in MDM.

  1. Once your iPhone starts you will need to select a Language (English) and then select a Country (United States).

  2. When the Quick Start menu comes up, Click Set up Manually to connect to your WiFi network. In the Jefferson Building, you will connect to the Sponsored Guest network and DES IT Support 4U will set this up for you.


If you are receiving a mobile device for the first time, the next few steps will already be completed for you before you receive your device. If your device was wiped and you are starting over, you will need to do steps 1 and 2 below.

  1. You will be asked to join a Wireless network. Choose a wireless network to join your device to.

  2. Wait for your device to activate (this can take up to 5 minutes depending on how good your cell phone reception is.


Enrolling your device can take up to 20 minutes to complete. There are only a few steps to complete and the rest will be taken care of as your phone receives the new MDM policy.

  1. Click Next on the Remote Management screen.

  2. Enter your computer login username (ex: johnd179) in the username field and enter $upp0rt4U! in the password field. You must enter this fixed password. This password is only used to enroll your device in MDM and will not work for anything else. Click Next (upper right hand corner)


  3. Click Enable Location Services. This will start the process to load MaaS360 and other applications on your phone. This process takes about 10 minutes. You can use your phone while this process is running. We do not recommend moving applications around on the screens and making any changes while you are waiting for MDM policies to load because once the policies finish loading, your phone will be set to the new MDM screens and some of the applications will be removed.


  4. Now you will be asked to create a passcode. Create a passcode and continue.

  5. Any apps that are pushed to your device automatically will start to download. You can start using the phone before they finish.

  6. You will have a text message in your Message app that you need to open and then click ignore. No iCloud account will be set up on your mobile device.


You have now completed the setup on your mobile device. The authenticator app and Outlook app will be automatically set up on your device. If you wiped your phone and are setting it back up, all the apps you previously had installed will come back down and automatically install. You will need to log in to all of them again. 

To set up Authenticator and Outlook, follow the links below.