Two-step verification (also known as Multi Factor Authentication or MFA) is an additional security step that helps protect your account by making it harder for other people to break in.

You will only need to set up the two-step verification one time. If you are connected to VPN, you will be signed on automatically using your network credentials. If you want to check email from home or utilize Microsoft 365 applications in the cloud (once you have migrated), you will need to use MFA.


  1. You MUST be connected to VPN or using a computer that is on the DES network.
  2. You will need to have a personal mobile device or work mobile device available. You will need to receive a text message on one of the devices.


  1. Open a web browser (preferably Edge, Chrome or FireFox) and go to
    NOTE: If you have already set up MFA, you will receive two steps that are different than the steps starting in Step 2. If you get the "Pick an account" screen followed by the screen asking for the Verification code, you have already completed MFA and do not need to continue.


  2. You should see the screen below. Make sure your email address is listed under the George Washington banner and click Next.


  3. You should now see the Additional security verification screen.


    A:  Choose authentication phone from the drop-down menu, select the region (United States)
         from the 2nd drop-down menu and then enter your mobile device number (personal or work). 

    Click the radial button that says Send me a code by text message.

    C:  Click Next to continue.

  4. You will receive a text message on your mobile device that contains a verification code.

    A: Enter the code in the box under Step 2.

    B: Click Verify


  5. Once you have completed the verification process, you will receive the screen below. Click Done.


  6. You have the option to add an additional phone number to your profile or you can just keep the one number you have already verified. If you do not wish to make any more changes, click Save. If you would like to add an additional verification phone, you will need to click Alternate Authentication phone and follow the steps.


  7. If you have completed Steps 1-6 and are finished, you can exit the page. If the Save option is grayed out, you just need to hit Cancel because all of the information has already been updated.


  8. You have completed your setup for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).