What is patching and why does DES do it?

When is Patching Scheduled?

Patching takes place the 3rd week of every month. Patching is automated and will start Monday morning and run through Friday. Patching will not take place over the weekend. You will have the ability to postpone patching until a time that is more convenient for you (up to 24hrs). The system will patch up to 90 workstations in 90 minutes so there is no defined time when your workstation will receive patches.

Why Patches are Important

A patch is a fix or update to existing software, applications or drivers on your computer. DES installs critical patches to your work computers for performance, security and other reasons.

Be Logged In and Connected

You must be logged in to your computer and connected to VPN for a patch to be received. Make sure your computer isn’t sitting at the blue BitLocker screen (see image below).


If you’re not logged in or connected during the scheduled time, you’ll be prompted to install the patch the next time you sign in and connect to VPN.

Restart Using the DESIT4U Prompt

You will receive a desktop notification (see example below) from DESIT4U when patches are ready to be installed.


Always restart your computer using this notification to ensure patches are installed. If you try to restart manually, you may receive multiple desktop notifications about restarting your computer for the patch to be installed.

Please note: Some patches require multiple restarts, but you will receive the notification before it does.

If you’re unable to restart your computer at the time you’re prompted, you can postpone the restart for up to eight hours.