Why do I need the Authenticator App? Microsoft Authenticator is a security app used for two-factor authentication. This app is mandated by WaTech in order to use the Outlook App on your state issued mobile device.

What do I need to do before installing the Authenticator App? You MUST set your DES user account up for multi-factor-authentication. This is a task that is to be done before you migrate to Office 365. If you have not set up MFA or you aren't sure, click Here.

FROM A COMPUTER (connected to VPN):

  1. To start the process of setting up the Authenticator app, you will be taken to a familiar page. This is the page you used while you were setting up MFA. Click here to launch the Additional Security verification page needed to start setting up your DES account with the Authenticator App.

  2. Now you see the Additional Security Verification page. Check the box next to Authenticator app or Token and click Set up Authenticator App.


  3. The Configure mobile app window will appear with a QR code. Leave this screen up and visible. You will need it to complete the Authenticator App setup.



  1. If you do not see the Authenticator App already installed on your state issued mobile device, you can download it from the App Catalog.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, launch the Authenticator app. mceclip1.png

  3. Click Add account.


  4. You will receive a Pop Up that says "Do you have a backup", click continue.


  5. Under Accounts, click Work or school account.


  6. Click OK to allow Authenticator to access the camera. A new screen will pop up with Scan QR Code and a camera window.


  7. Scan the QR code that is visible on your Computer screen. Once the camera detects the QR code it will automatically open the Account screen in the Authenticator App.

  8. Click OK to the non-personally identifiable usage data popup (if you get it, not everyone does).


  9. Your state account is now added to the Authenticator App. When you click on Washington State Executive Branc..., you will see your email address. 

  10. Click on > next to your email address to see the details of your authenticated account. The One-time password code will be used to log in to Applications such as Outlook. 


  11. You are finished with the Authenticator App setup at this point. You will need the App again when you set the Outlook App up on your mobile device. If you would like to continue on and set up Outlook on your mobile device, click here or click the More arrow at the bottom.