Online Archive

  1. The Vault section is no longer visible in the Left Navigation menu. Now you will see a folder called Online Archive. Your vaulted emails will be located there.

  • The folder structure mirrors the old Vault folder Structure.

  • The Retention labels for the folders will reflect the vault retention structure.
    Example: The 7 year folder has a retention of 7 years.

Searching Online Archive

You can search the Online Archive using the same method as you search your current mailbox.

Changing the search parameters to All Mailboxes will allow you to search your current mailbox and your Online Mailbox.

There are two ways to change the search parameters.

  1. At the top of your Inbox, you will see the search field. The search defaults to “Search Current Mailbox”. Changing the option to “All Mailboxes” will provide results in your active mailbox as well as Online Archive.


  2. Clicking in the Search field opens new Tool Bar options with various search variables. You can also change to search “All Mailboxes” here.


If you are unable to locate a document that are certain was in your vault, please contact IT Support 4U.