Now that you have migrated to M365 Exchange, you will see very few changes in your Outlook application. The Exchange migration affects the storage behind the scenes. However there are a few things you should be aware of.

Your icons will remain the same with a few exceptions.
Note: Some Users may have a little different view than the one shown.


  1. Assign Policy: This option is used to assign Retention Labels to emails or folders. For more detailed information, click here.

  2. One Note: If you use One Note to store Emails or Meeting notes, please use the icon in the “Move” section of the ribbon in Outlook. Do NOT use OneNote at the far right of the tool bar. It opens the M365 version which has not been deployed to all users.

  3. Insights: A new tool by Microsoft that allows you to track analytics and also allows you to schedule Focus Time on your calendar. It provides some interesting information; however, use is voluntary.


In your Online Archive, the folder structure will stay the same. All of the folders you previously created will remain, as well as the emails within the folders. There are a few new items to note (Some Users may have a little different view than the one shown):

  1. Archive: This folder is a default feature with M365 Exchange. It is not to be confused with Online Archive. Use of the folder is optional. It carries your default retention schedule. Contents will be deleted based on the retention schedule.

  2. Groups: This is also a default feature with M365. We are not utilizing this feature at this time.

  3. Online Archive: You will no longer see your Vault in the list of Folders. The Vault has been replaced by the Online Archive. All items contained in your vault