Below is an overview of the different Retention Labels:

  • Retention Labels allow you to control how long an email is retained.
  • You will not be able to change the retention for the following folders:

    • Inbox
    • Sent Items
    • Archive
    • Drafts
    • Calendar
    • Deleted Items
    • Outbox
    • Contacts

  • If you do not set a retention label on your email or email folders, your email will be retained indefinitely until you delete it or leave the agency (it will, however, move to the Online Archive after 6 months).

  • You may apply retention to a specific email or by moving it to a folder with a specified retention. You may set retention on:
    • An individual Email
    • A folder
    • A group of Emails
    • A subfolder

  • Once retention is set on an email by assigning a label to the email or moving it to a folder with a retention label on it, the only way to delete the email is by assigning it a retention label with a shorter retention period. To facilitate this, there is a “0001-Day-Delete-Labeled Date” label.
    • For emails that were mistakenly given a retention label, that can be deleted, change the label to the 0001-Day-Delete-Labeled Date label. This will change the retention to only one day, and the email will automatically delete one day after you assigned the new label.

To learn more about Retention Policies, click here to be directed to the Vault Retention Policy Tips page.


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