Now that your eMail account has been migrated to Microsoft 365, you can use the Outlook App on your state issued mobile device. This will replace the MaaS360 container.


DES IT Support 4U will need to put you in the new MDM policy. This should be done before you migrate to Microsoft 365. If your Home Screen doesn't look like the picture below, please contact DES IT Support and they will get your device put into the correct policy.


NOTE: You must be connected to a wireless network to get the new MDM policy. If you are on site, you must be connected to Sponsored Guest on your work phone and not Guest. If you are working remotely, please connect your work phone to an available WIFI network.


NOTE: You will need to use the Authenticator App on your state issued mobile device. If you have not set up the Authenticator app, please click here


Follow the steps below to set up Outlook on your state issued device. 

  1. Click on the Outlook App mceclip2.png

  2. Enter you work email address in the Email Address field and click Add Account.


  3. You will be redirected to the WA State Sign In page.
    A) Enter your state email address
    B) Enter your account password (the account password you log on to your computer with).


  4. Click Open Authenticator to authenticate your organization account (state email account). Authenticator will authenticate and close with no intervention. (If you didn't set up the Authenticator App before this step, you won't be able to continue until you do)
  5. Click OK to the US government account detected pop up.


  6. Click OK to the "Your IT administrator..." pop up.


  7. Now the Outlook App is ready to use on your state issued mobile device.


To download your Contacts from your Email profile to your iPhone, click the link below.
Saving Contacts with the Outlook Mobile App