Updating Emergency Notification Contact Method Settings via the Everbridge Website

  1. On a state-networked or VPN-connected device, click or navigate to the following webpage: Everbridge SSO Login Screen

  2. Click the “Sign in with SSO credentials” button

    • NOTE: Please do not select “Sign in with Username & Password

    • NOTE: You may be prompted to enter your credentials. If so, please be aware that your username and password are case sensitive.


  1. Click the “Edit” link on the My Profile section



  1. In the “Here’s how to contact me” section, enter or edit your notification contact methods.

    • NOTE: You will not be able to edit the Work Email or Work Desk Phone Call, as these fields are updated automatically. If the information in these fields is incorrect, contact your agency IT helpdesk to update the information in Active Directory.

    • NOTE: We strongly recommend you add your personal mobile and/or work mobile phone numbers to your profile to ensure effective and timely receipt of campus alerts. While your profile includes work email and work desk phone numbers, these methods of contact will not result in timely communication due to limitations in agency campus email and phone systems.

  1. To change the order that you receive notifications, click the up or down arrows next to each contact method.

    • NOTE: In some circumstances, you may receive WaAgencyAlerts messages in the priority deemed necessary by the entity initiating the alert.

  2. Click the “Save” button to save your changes.

  3. For individuals with mobile devices, follow the applicable instructions below to set up your mobile Everbridge app.