DES has joined WaTech and other agencies in a shared tenant structure. This allows our agency to benefit from M365 cloud services. However, this places some restrictions on what we can see in the Global Address Search in Outlook. As more agencies join the shared tenant, the Global Address List will expand. You will always be able to view DES employees even if you have migrated and they have not. The issue is with people outside DES who have not migrated to the M365 Shared Tenant.


ETS has developed a tool to assist you in finding people outside the agency.

Please Note: Unfortunately, you will not be able to view an individual’s calendar if they are not listed in Outlook Global Address Book.

If you are unable to locate an individual, please click on the Global Address Search. You may want to bookmark the location in your browser.

  1. The Global Address List Search gives the following search options: Display Name, First Name, Last Name, Title, Logon Alias, Agency, Department, Manager.


  2. Enter the search criteria. Example: Last Name 

  3. It is good practice to narrow your search by entering the Agency Name. The system is searching an extremely large database, so narrowing your search will provide faster results.

  4. Click Search 


  5. The results will display below the search fields. Depending on your screen size, or browser settings, you may have to scroll down to view the results. 
    The system will display:
    Name, Title, Business Phone, Location, Department, Email address (hyperlink), Company (Agency), Manager, Logon alias.


  6. Click on the E-mail address hyperlink to open an Outlook email message. 


  7. A blank email message will display with the recipient’s email address.