A default retention will no longer be applied to folders in your mailbox. To set retention, you will need to set a retention policy on each folder or individual folder. 

For Example: You can change the retention to 6 months and all of the subfolders will display 6 months retention. 

  1. Right click on the folder you wish to change.

  2. Select Properties


  3. Select Policy


  4. Policy Folder will display “Use Parent Folder Policy 

  5. Select the appropriate policy under Folder policy.

    a. Click OK
    b. You will get a message asking for confirmation. Click OK.

  6. Folder Policy will display the selected policy 


Online Archive Folder Policy

The Policy section displays an Online Archive option. This option is separate from the retention policy is set by agency. This policy cannot be changed.


To learn more about Retention Policies, click here to be directed to the Vault Retention Policy Tips page.


For more information on Records Retention, click here.