There are a few things you will need to know about your agency:

  1. Does the employee sign in using Secure Access Washington (SAW) or Active Directory (AD)?
  2. Who is your IT Support when employees have computer problems?
  3. Who is your HRMS contact person?


Step 1 - Search for the user account in the LC (Users > All Users).  If you can see the user account in the LC User Table, view the Login Name on the account. 

  • If you cannot find the employee AND the employee is paid out of HRMS, then confirm the date of when the employee data was keyed into HRMS to bring the employee into your agency. Employee data will appear in the Learning Center the DAY AFTER it was keyed into HRMS.


Here are some troubleshooting tips: 

  • If the user authenticates using Active Directory (single-sign on), then you will need to check with your agency IT support and ask them to confirm that the Employee Id is populated correctly with the employee’s HRMS personnel number. Active Directory HAS TO match this Login Name.
    • This number should have 8 digits (0023455, 01145564, 20145525)
    • Look closely for typos. They might say yes, it’s populated but it could be typed incorrectly.
    • If your IT support just populated the field or fixed an error, the employee will not be able to log in right away. It could take an hour or longer and the employee may need to restart their computer.
    • It’s always a good idea to clear your cache and reboot after a change
  • If your user accesses the Learning Center via Secure Access Washington (SAW) you will want to confirm that the email address displayed in the Login Name field is the same email address that they are logging into their SAW account.
    • Look closely for typos.
    • Make sure the employee is choosing Secure Access Washington from the authentication screen.

Step 2 – Make sure the user has the correct link/URL (uniform resource locator)

Check to make sure the URL is correct -

Check to make sure the user isn’t using an old, bookmarked URL

Check to make sure the user hasn’t created a bookmark after they have authenticated into LC - this bookmark will not work


Step 3 – Have the user clear their browser cache

Have the user clear their browser cache data for at least the last week, see below for instructions:

  1. Edge -
  2. IE –
  3. Mozilla Firefox -
  4. Google Chrome -

After clearing the cache, close the entire browser down.  Wait a minute and then click on this link again.


Tip:  Most people don’t close the entire browser – they only close a single tab.  You need to close the entire browser down.


If you receive a pop-up asking for Network Credentials, this is an indicator that you’re having a browser issue – you’ll need to work with your agency’s IT support to clear up the issue.

If your agency uses Secure Access Washington (SAW) for other applications and you are able to single sign on and then select the application you want to use – this will not work for the Learning Center.  The Learning Center is not an application that is available for selection.  Your IT support will need to adjust your browser settings.

Step 4 – Make sure the user knows how to access the Learning Center

  1. Open up the browser.
  2. Paste the Learning Center link into the address bar.
  3. Press ENTER on your keyboard.

If your agency signs in using Active Directory, select that.  If the learner is logging in using SAW select Secure Access Washington.


*Note – The second time you go into Learning Center, you will skip this screen and no longer have to make a selection if you have not cleared your cache.  After clearing your cache you will always need to make a selection here.


You are now ready to use the Washington State Learning Center.