Use this procedure to create a scheduled job for an advanced report.


Must be assigned a role that includes Advanced Report Administrator Permissions.

Only the Advanced Report Administrator permissions can create a report from a saved Ad Hoc view.

Only a report can have a schedule.

Website Address




Access the following website  https://sowa.sumtotal.host/



Navigate from Self > Reporting > Advanced Reporting



Navigate to the report you would like to schedule.



Once you have located your report, right-click the report name and select Schedule.

Note: This  symbol indicates the report has a scheduled job.




To create a new Schedule, click the Create Schedule button.
To modify an existing Schedule, click the Pencil next to the Job Name.

Note: a report can have multiple schedules jobs.



New Schedule page.  The options on this page allow you to configure when and how often the report runs.


a.      In the Schedule Start Section, set the following schedule attributes:

         i.      Immediately or On a specific date

         ii.      Click the calendar icon to select a future start date and time.  If you do not specify recurrence below, the start date and time define when the report runs.  If you specify recurrence, you may still want to delay the first report date.  For example, a weekday report that you want to start next week.

b.      Note:  The time associated with the schedule job defaults to 00:00:00.  To set any time component within job scheduler, use the sliders to indicate hour, minute, and seconds.

c.       Time Zone: select the America/Los_Angeles – Pacific Standard Time

d.      Recurrence: Choose one of the following recurrence types:

         i.      None:  Run the report once.

         ii.      Simple Recurrence: Schedule the job to recur at a regular interval, specified in minutes, hours, days or weeks.

         iii.      Calendar Recurrence: Schedule the job to recur on days of the week or days of the month, specific dates, or date ranges.

1.      Example:  To have a report run every month on the same date (see below).




Next, Select the Parameters page



If your Ad Hoc contain filters you can modify those selections here.  Different reports can be generated and scheduled by changing the filters.



In the Format area select the file type you want to receive.  The default is PDF.  Common selections are CSV or XLSX (Excel)



In the Output Destination area, uncheck the Output to Repository box.



Next, Select the Notifications page



Send report when scheduler runs:

TO: One or more email addresses separated by commas for sending email notification

Subject: The subject line of the notification email

Message: Enter a brief description to be included with the report

Choose one of the radio buttons to specify how the email recipients will access the report.  Common selections are “Include report files as attachments” and “include report files as ZIP attachment”.



ext, move to the Send Job Status Notifications section of the ride side of the screen.  This step is optional.

You can select if you want to send an email notification to a recipient if the report ran successfully or if the report failed.



Click on the save button



You have completed this process.



You can run a scheduled job on demand at any time by clicking on the Run Now Button.  Starting with Step 5, click on the Run Now button and follow the remaining steps.  This will generate the report one time and email it to the recipients designated on the Output Destination page.