Example Scenario: Users who join a company on contract and then become permanent employees may have two accounts in the application: one as a contractor and another as a permanent employee. For such users, you may merge training-related information of the contractor (Source User) with that of the permanent employee (Target User).

The following details are merged:

  • All training statuses (Registered, In Progress, on Waiting List, Pending Approval, Rejected Approval, Attended, No show, Cancelled, and Waived)
  • Training assignments made directly to source user
  • Manager Assignments made to source user
  • Evaluations
  • Continuing Education activities
  • Details such as invoice records, additional costs, cancellation fees, and no-show fees related to non e-commerce transactions
  • Pending Approvals, Waiting list, E-Signatures details
  • Course Interaction Details or Progress Details (including Quick Assessments)
  • Express Interest details
  • Self-reported training


1. Navigate to Users > All Users

2. Search for the user profile you no longer need/want to merge with the current profile.

3. Navigate to the User Account and Personal Details tab.


4. Append the Employee ID field with _merged.  Employee ID always needs to be a unique value, so this needs to be modified in case we ever need to use the old Employee Id again.  Adding this extension will allow us to reuse the same Employee ID in the future, if needed.  This field can hold up to 50 characters.

a.  An example could look like:  Lesa.Terry@des.wa.gov_merged_00319438.  This would tell me that this account was merged with account 0319438.

b.  Another example could look like:  Lesa.terry@gmail.com_merged_lesa.terry@des.wa.gov

5.  Continue to the next step.


To merge user accounts:

1. In the Header menu, select Administration

2. Navigate to Users > Account Management > Merge User Accounts.

3. Select a Source User (the account you no longer want to keep) and a Target User.

4. Once you merge a user, they no longer display in the Source User search results.

5. Click Check Conflicts.

Note: If there are conflicts, you need to resolve them by clicking the roster icon. Only after you resolve all conflicts, the Merge Users option become available. If there are no conflicts, click Merge Users.

6. Click Next.

7. Select a Source User Status.  We recommend selecting Deleted


# Upon selecting this option, the source user account and data would be deleted from the UI and Database, this action cannot be reverted.



# Upon selecting this option, the source user account would be inactivated and made inaccessible from the UI, however, user data would be retained in the Database.


No Change

# Upon selecting this option, no changes would be made to the source user account, it remain as it is (For ex: if the source user account was active before merge, it will remain as it is or active after merge and vice versa).


8. Click Confirm